EP 4: Mon Amour

Two worlds come into play when a person lives life.

One is the clash of reality. It kills them so. The other, is a world of dreams. It is the place where we escape to.

For me, it is where I run off to to think about her.

When the two intertwine, all I can see is happiness in my eyes. But not all things in life are fair; Good things can come with bad. Happiness, paired with true sorrow. The birth of life paired with true loss. Romance, with a broken heart.

Yet, I believe the experience was worth it. My dear listener, as we share our drinks beside the flames, basking in such holy embrace, let me share with you a part of me.

It is one I am most proud of.

This was mainly inspired by the movie Midnight in Paris. I had the opportunity to watch this and it quickly became one of the most favorite movies of all time! A pleasure to have watched it. :)

Once again, let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear what you all have to say.

Until then, I'll be waiting, by the fire.

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N.T. Cloever

Norman Chella