The Podcast

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The Tempered Fables is a  monthly podcast of short stories, or Fables in this case. The purpose of these fables, is to leave you with a lesson to remember.

The genres range from: fantasy, comedy, horror, romance and any others you can think of. It may just depend on what inspires the narrator really.

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The Narrator: N.T. Cloever

The creator, Norman T. Chella, is a speaker, writer, and voice-over artist. He does the editing, narration and most important of all, creates the short stories.

For Tempered Fables and other fiction work, he goes under the moniker of N.T. Cloever, using the same initials. He also posts his prose and poetry on Instagram, under @cloeverpoetry.

For more information on the creator, check out his website at normanchella.com!