Come, sit by the fire.
Let me tell you a story.

Unserialised short stories told by the fire.


The Logo


The Tempered Fables consists of unserialised short story fiction, so you can join in whenever you want. Our narrator, N.T. Cloever, sits by the fire and tells you a story!

The stories range from comedy to horror, fantasy to slice of life: its only goal is to give you something to think about, a wisdom to share, and more.

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The Narrator!

Origin Story

Years ago, I wrote a short story to submit it to a competition.

I got scared, and decided not to apply. I regretted doing that.

To make up for it, I imagined those moments when a reader is narrating stories in a room, and all the kids would huddle up by him as he voices out the characters.

Using that as a base, the first episode of Tempered Fables was born. Years later and it's still going active!

I hope you enjoy these stories and characters, I love them with all of my heart.

— N.T. Cloever, Norman Chella's Alter Ego