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My name is N.T. Cloever. Come, sit by the fire; let me give you some recommendations.

As you know, there are many different episodes and genres.

From the description:

From comedy to romance, horror to fantasy: strange creatures, weird thoughts and wonderful people, dive into multiple worlds and experience something new. Something…interesting.

The episodes are unserialised so you can jump in at any time!

Really though, where should you start?

Have no fear, Cloever is here! Let me give you some personal recommendations:

Personal Recommendations

EP 11: Melody’s Way: A woman and her only treasure. A man and his longing for her. A lovely, lovely violin.

EP 17: Ramen in the Rain: Me, her, two bowls of ramen and gratitude.

EP 5: Patchwork Child: A boy with scars learns how to live despite of it, helping others with their own.

EP 14: Celebrate The End: Two fireworks talk to each other about the end of their lives.

EP 9: Your Life is a Pinwheel: When the old meet the young, and the young meet the old.

EP 12: Wagging Tails: Kieran the stray dog buys some bread and listens to the gossip of others.

EP 10: Steps of Giants: Dr. Newt Leapfrogger the frog scientist dreamt of reaching what’s out there beyond the sky. After a faint vision, he begins his adventure.

EP 18: Beyond The Edge: A painter gets thrown to the edge of nothingness to reach the peak of his imagination.​ WARNING: This story is…very surreal. You may not understand it, and that’s okay. I hope you enjoy the ride!


From then on, check out the categories page for genres you are personally interested! 🙂

All the best, and I’ll always be waiting for you by the fire.