Stories told by the fire.

Welcome to the Tempered Fables, my name is N.T. Cloever.
Come, sit by the fire; let me tell you a story.


Latest Episodes

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EP 25: The Goodwill Writer

A writer encounters a strange book that takes him on a journey throughout his life.

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EP 24: A Southern Escape

A Southern man looks back on his life, living for revenge.

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Special Episode: In Memoriam

A scientist tries to save a homeless man who traded his memories away for cash.

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EP 23: Log and Crea

The two main characters in our minds meet for a weekly checkup.

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EP 22: Red Strings

They prayed in front of the shrine. A red string of fate connects them.

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EP 21: Arc The King

Two Gods were dancing in our night sky. The Father teaches the Child about responsibility and roles.

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The Narrator

Norman T. Chella

N.T. Cloever is the creative pen name of Norman T. Chella, a ‘polymath in progress.’

During the day, he is a freelance writer, voice-over talent and podcaster. During the night, he does this!

His mission is to share wisdom from all walks of life, so that we can understand ourselves and each other.